our little family is about to become “complete”. now, completion, i’ve learned, is a bit different for each person or family. some people want a certain number of children, some want no kids, some want to be single, etc., and they feel a sense of completion that way.

for us, after having chloe, it has always been to have a dog. we really dislike cats (i have to remind myself not to say “hate” in front of chloe, or anyone, really), and i am allergic to them, and rabbits, and almost anything with hair besides certain types of dogs. good thing we LOVE dogs!

after taking the time to find the dog that fit our little clan today, we now have 2 days to think of a name. poor guy has to get fixed tomorrow, so he won’t be ready for pick-up until sunday. he was a stray and doesn’t have a name that is known, so we are left to decide.

we had always thought of dog names based on our favorite baseball players, but applied those names to little toy dogs like pugs. our guy is a white, poodle mix, more like a large terrier than a poodle, to me. all the names like Gibson, Edgar and Ichiro just are not the same. we have found a unique dog and he deserves a unique name that suits just him. and so the search goes on…

so far we like Albert (for Albert Pujols, one of my current favorites), but a name is really so important. the Bible talks about our names being sacred things. they represent so much. in fact, the Jews’ name changed as a part of God’s covenant because they were no longer seen in the same light- they were God’s, and thus their name changed. it’s the same when a woman gets married. regardless of what you think about taking the husband’s name, it’s a similar idea of moving from an incomplete state to a complete state, a better place, and taking that name as a reflection of your new, whole self.

maybe we should take that into consideration as we think of a name. not only is this dog going to be the final link in our little chain, but we are his family, too.

that’s what i love about dogs: love and affection are reciprocated (unlike many cats).

anyway, this is sort of a crap post. very stream-of-consciousness.

on other notes, chloe and i have been on all sorts of adventures this week. here is a photo of the latest, strawberry picking:
straw collage.jpg