the other day, when i was woefully occupying the couch (all day) while recovering from a vicious little cold, there was a beautiful, and perfect moment.

it was one of those rare moments where all sound and people vacate the room, save one very simple, rhythmic sound, usually caused by something very ordinary. maybe this isn’t a “one of those” sort of moments for others, but for me, it is.

jared left the room to get the laundry, the re-runs of Lost were on pause, chloe was gone and i was alone for about 30 seconds. as i lay there feeling like my head would surely explode into a mass of snot, i heard the gentle click of the vertical blinds tapping each other as the warm breeze filtered through them.

for some reason, i softly opened my eyes and made a mental note of this moment. something about it took me back to another time. honestly, i’m not sure what that time was…it was just real. likely, it was a moment in europe, as that is my equivalent to the birth of Christ: B.E. and A.E; before and after europe. either way, it was the kind of moment that i come back to whenever i am in another day where that stillness is not present.

if i close my eyes for just a second, remembering that palpable sound, everything fades away.

it’s good to have a moment like that to go to.